I want

I want

to buy a property

In the process of buying a home it is normal for you to have some doubts.

You do not know if it is better to buy new construction or reform?

You would like to build a house but you think it is a complicated process and you do not know where to start?

You do not know what you will end up paying for taxes, fees, reforms or what the purchase price should be so that you can buy?

The buyer's agent is the person who will help you solve all your concerns.

At Livitat we operate as a

buyer's agent

What is a buyer's agent?

If you are thinking of buying a property, you must bear in mind that the real estate agency represents only the seller, so it is necessary that you also have a professional by your side who represents you and defends your interests.

The purchase of a home is probably the most important economic operation in a person's life, therefore, it is worth having a lawyer who advises you at every step.

I am not an intermediary. I do not commission. I only look out for your interests and I only collect fees from the person I represent.


What can we do for you?

Find the right home for your needs.

Negotiate the purchase with the real estate agency that represents the seller.

Formalize the necessary contracts.

Coordinate the best professionals in the event that works are proposed.

Find the best financing.

Advise you regarding the taxes to be paid in each case.

Our way of working

The first thing to do is identify the needs of each person to choose a suitable property.

We will do a first search and send a sample of homes that we think fit the selected criteria.

We will accompany you to the visits and if necessary, we will do it with different professionals with whom we collaborate (builder or interior designer) to assess the cost of possible reforms or improvements.

It is essential to know the state of the facilities and construction.

Our way of working
Buy: Our way of working
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We will help and advise you in obtaining the mortgage and we will accompany you in the formalization of the deposit and in the purchase-sale deed.

We will be a guide, a 24-hour assistant to make the process of buying your house, the most important of your life, go perfectly.

We want to be present throughout the process, to live with you the illusion of getting your new home.

We will make an assessment by an architect to rule out possible future problems and/or pathologies of the property.

We will negotiate with the property the purchase price.


We collaborate with the most trusted architecture and interior design offices, construction companies and project management in case you need professionals to do a study and budget for you.

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